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Pediatric Chiropractic at Boyce Chiropractic Lisle

Why Do Kids Need Chiropractic?

Toddler on bikeThe most common question we get about pediatric chiropractic care is, “My child is healthy—why would they need chiropractic care?” At Boyce Chiropractic Lisle, our focus is on prevention and helping kids set the foundation for a lifetime of great health. Chiropractic can help accomplish that by keeping the nervous system functioning optimally, which allows all other systems of the body to function optimally.

Because children don’t have decades of stress and misalignments built up in their bodies, they respond quickly to chiropractic care. We get great results with common childhood ailments like colic and ear infections, and we can help keep your child feeling and functioning their best despite all the bumps, bruises and falls that happen on the playground.

Putting Kids at Ease

The first step in adjusting children is to ensure they are comfortable. We specialize in treating kids, and everyone from our front desk staff to our chiropractors loves to play and make the experience fun. We offer toys and cartoons to help kids relax, and they can have stickers or hold your hand throughout the entire process—whatever they need to feel in control. We’ll never pressure them.

After they’ve been adjusted the first time and know what to expect, most kids enjoy receiving chiropractic care and look forward to their visits.

Adjustments for Kids

The concept of the adjustment is the same as for adults, but the delivery of it is substantially different for kids. The contact is light and minimal, using just a finger with the pressure of about what you’d use to check the ripeness of a tomato. It’s gentle, completely safe, and highly effective.

Don’t Wait for Care

You get regular dental checkups to ensure your child’s teeth stay healthy, and regular chiropractic checkups can help ensure their nervous system stays healthy. Don’t wait for problems to arise—schedule an appointment today with Dr. Boyce!

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